Washington State University’s R Working Group was started in Spring of 2016 by Alli N. Cramer in conjunction with CEREO. The group, founded by a PhD student, is focused on peer-to-peer learning through student, post-doc, and faculty-lead seminars. Alex Kappes and Supriya Savalkar are the current organizers. Michael Meyer and Matthew Brousil are the outgoing organizers.

No matter what your experience with R, we’d love to have you join us. R is a constantly evolving open source platform, so we are all always learning.

Contact us by joining our list-serv, following us on Twitter, or emailing one of us directly:

  • Michael Meyer (current organizer): michael.f.meyer AT wsu DOT edu
  • Matt Brousil (current co-organizer): matthew.brousil AT wsu DOT edu

You can learn more and find our presentation schedule at the dedicated CEREO website: https://cereo.wsu.edu/r-working-group/

If you're looking for the previous version of our blog, you can find it here. All posts prior to May 2021 exist on both blogs.